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Violence Escalating in Hong Kong

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 12, 2019
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This shouldn't be shocking. The people of Hong Kong have stated that their protests would continue until all five of their demands were met. What are those five demands? Complete withdrawal of the extradition bill from the legislative process, retraction of the "riot" characterization, release and exoneration of arrested protesters, establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police conduct and use of force during the protests, and resignation of Carrie Lam and the implementation of universal suffrage for Legislative Council and Chief Executive elections.Is Big China gonna cave on any of those? Well...the first one happened. The extradition bill was formally withdrawn on October 23rd, but the other four demands have yet to be met. Recently, Carrie Lam blasted the protestors once again as rioters. During an altercation with the Hong Kong police, one protestor was shot in the stomach. In an unrelated incident, a counter-protestor (someone who is pro-Beijing) was set on fire.Who is surprised? Anyone? We're not. In fact, we're surprised it took this long. People are people and if our own revolution is any sort of indicator, it won't be long before it escalates to full-on civil war. You cannot continually oppress people without them fighting back. Eventually, people are going to wear down and see violence as the only viable option. Fuckin' 1775 just called to say;"Get some!"Given that China is what it is (a brutal dictatorship masquerading as a democracy), we're not even going to be that upset when the people of Hong Kong decide to go full-on revolution. They'd only be killing Commies or their pawns.Plus, we've long said that Hong Kong will be a dress rehearsal for China's invasion of Taiwan, which they've stated plainly is the ultimate goal with Taiwan. Unify by peace or force ($20 says Taiwan won't go peacefully, especially seeing how Hong Kongers were being treated when they peacefully protested earlier this year). So watching Hong Kongers fight back as tenaciously as they are with no weapons...maybe it'll bode well for Taiwan. If this is how much resistance China is getting from unarmed civilians, just think of what the small Taiwanese military will do (probably still lose, but they'll rack up the body count first, unless the United States steps in then it's WW3).Not sure when it'll reach its fever pitch, but it's definitely not slowing down or deescalating, not until Hong Kong gets what it wants and we know how willing the Communist Party of China is to cave into demands...they don't.

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