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Walmart, Kroger, and Guns: An In-Depth Analysis

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 5, 2019
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Oh boy oh boy. What a shitshow I've walked back into after a 3-week hiatus. Wal-Mart and Kroger have decided that they would prefer people not open carry their firearms in their stores. So you have two private companies, that have decided, they're not fans of the open carry movement. Now I bet you think I'm gonna get all BroVetted out and get angry and go rant in my car. But I'm not. I'm going to try to approach this whole predicament with a sense of poise and rationality (if you were a young adult in the mid-2000s, you get that reference).First off, both companies are private companies. They get to do what they please, within reason. So, if they don't want dudes open carrying in their stores, it is well within their rights to do so.Secondly, in the opinion of this writer, WHY IN GODS GREEN FOOKIN EARTH WOULD YOU DOLTS OPEN CARRY? I get it, in theory at least, you want to normalize gun ownership, not have people get alarmed when they see someone other than a police officer armed...truly, I get it. Tactically speaking...and don't worry, I'm not touting myself as the next Voda (muffled laughter), or some dumb shit like that. I'm just saying, realistically, you can't watch everyone, everywhere, every time. You could be making yourself an obvious target, which is something, I, due to my already clumsy nature, would not like to do.Thirdly, I haven't looked at the numbers, but, judging off of anecdotal perception, Wal Mart has been getting its ass handed to it regarding ammunition sales. Gun shows, local gun stores, and sporting goods stores, have been whippin' that ass, so it's not really surprising that Wal Mart would stop selling certain ammunition.Are they perhaps taking advantage of the timing to garner some favorable points from the 24/7 hit and run media? Probably.So on one hand stores are telling gun owners they don't want to see the guns. It seems both places are still cool if you conceal carry, which is the preferred method anyway.When there is a legitimate threat on our 2nd amendment, we go hard in the paint, but Wal-Mart and Kroger...this is either pandering or a distraction at best, because as we said, you can still conceal carry, and even if they said you couldn't, I would until they got metal detectors and enforced that shit.Let's save our outrage energy for when people who can actually do some damage to the 2nd Amendment start acting dumb...*continue acting dumb.

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