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War Zone: Hong Kong

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 15, 2019
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We all knew there'd be a point of no return when it came to Hong the eyes of many, that point came way earlier than this week, but it is now...when many universities in the city have become de facto fortresses, where students have set up makeshift fortifications and the ingenuity of the students is turning into a major problem for Hong Kong police.People are dropping food and supplies off, as they can and everyone on the university grounds seems to have found a niche. If you can cook, you're feeding those who are building, if you can build you're strengthening fortifications. If you can shoot a bow and arrow, you're practicing or teaching others, if you're a chemist you're creating Molotov cocktails. Everyone who has stayed has committed to the "Five Demands and Not One Less" mantra of the protests.It is now, in our opinion, the time wherein the authoritarians in Beijing will no longer allow this challenge of their authority go unpunished. The eyes of the world are upon them. Everyone is expecting a live-action reenactment of Tiananmen Square. The world let it happen once, but we highly doubt they will sit idly by as China, undoubtedly, responds with the heavy hand of Commies past.They have tried peaceful protests only to get abused, beaten and shot by police. Property has been destroyed, and people beaten for simply wearing a mask. Not all, but many are preparing for the inevitable violent backlash. They will fight back or be crushed. For them, now, there is no turning back.In the actions of the citizens of Hong Kong, we see the spirit of our forefathers, who refused to be dominated by an authoritarian. Despite the overwhelming odds, they emerged victoriously and it is with our sincere hope that as this situation quickly devolves into violence, that Hong Kong emerges victorious as well.If you can't be safe, be deadly.

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