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Weekly Reminder: Don't Forget About Epstein

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 7, 2019
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Hey, everyone out there in internet and social media land. We just wanted to remind you that despite all of the horrific incidents that have occured this past week, there is still a dude, Jeffrey Epstein who had his own private island where he and many other "powerful" people had sex with children. He's still in jail and we're still waiting on him to testify about all the "wonderful" people that came to his island for pedophillia shit.We know that this may make us seem like we're wearing Alex Jones' tin foil hats, but we just want to make sure that nobody forgets about what is going on with this douche canoe and everyone that had a "good time" while visiting his child rape island. We are capable of focusing on more than one serious issue at a time and we just want to make sure that, while tragic, these incidents don't take away from the fact that we still have this shitbird and his associates to deal with.Since his "suicide" attempt, there has been relatively little news regarding the Epstein case, which strikes us as weird. Why wouldn't people be covering this story like we covered the O.J. Simpson trials? Back in the day, we were glued to the television set over one dude killing two people, after his infamous White Bronco chase. Now, dude has an island where he engages in sex trafficking and child rape...back burner for the constant 24/7 news stream?Granted, we don't want to be hypocrites, so we'll throw the caveat that all of this is still "alleged" even though a ton of shit was proved back when he was charged in Florida, but somehow got to leave prison for work 6 days a week for 12 hours at a time.All the Area 51 shit, the mass it all surrounds this derelict piece of humanity getting wrapped up again in some sex trafficking know...AGAIN. So pay attention and don't forget about the "alleged" pedo billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein.

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