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What to Learn from Tiger Woods' Masters Victory

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
April 15, 2019
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This is gonna be some hype motivational shit right here, so if you want some bad news or you wanna be a pestering Patricia, you can GEAD right over there in F***offville. Look, first off, even as someone who really really really enjoys getting housed and playing golf, I hate watching that garbage on TV. It's stupid boring. I know. So I'm with you there and I'm also gonna be out on the links drinkin' while tryin' to put a wee little ball into a wee little hole. So what the f*** is this all about? What the f*** can we learn from Tiger Woods winning? How does it relate? Stay tuned bizznitches.We can learn that who you are today or tomorrow may not be who you are in a few years. Which is both good and bad.A while back, while I was growing up, (I'm 32) Tiger Woods was the shit. You couldn't say the words golf without someone bringing up Tiger muthafuggin' Woods. You just couldn't do it. It'd be the equivalent at the time of saying Michael Jordan was an average basketball player.Anyways, back in 2009, a whole bunch of bad shit happened to Tiger. Much of it his own damn fault. We're not going to list everything, you slapdicks can read Wikipedia. Tiger was f***in' up the dream life. He was filthy dirty rich, married to a supermodel and played golf for a living. Not a bad life if you really want to go there. Marital indiscretions, reckless driving, and driving under the influence of prescription drugs, plus injuries and deteriorating eyesight. Bunch of shit, right?Everyone thought Tiger was done. Everyone. Nobody thought Tiger had it in him to come back from such devastating personal issues in a game where your mind must be focused 100% on the task at hand. He started showing up at tournaments again after a year off in 2016...but man Tiger had been playing like shit for a while. He hadn't won a major tournament in 4 years.But...this weekend at Augusta National. Tiger won the Masters.So you might be asking yourself, "So what, what's the f***in' point milk drinker?" The point is you walnut, bad shit happens in life, sometimes shit is 100% your fault, but even if it is, it doesn't mean your life is forever doomed to failure and shitty decisions. Tiger went through almost a 10-year shit show after he f***ed up everything great about his life...but this past weekend, the dude balled out and so can your dumb ass. Each day is an opportunity to be better, or at least start the grind to be better.So what the f*** are you waiting for?

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