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Grunt WOD 09-Aug-2015: The Importance of Rest Day

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
August 9, 2015
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The Importance Of Rest DayMost experienced bodybuilders and anyone who follows a set workout schedule will tell you that they take at least one day off per week. But every once in a while I run into someone to trains every day, 7 days a week. I ask them why and the response I usually receive is somewhere along the lines of "I have a goal that I really want to reach" or "Well if I take a day off I might put on a pound or two". I tend to get argumentative with them- not because I have a point to prove, but because I truly care and want people to succeed in their fitness journeys.As you're lifting, running, ect., your muscles are actually tearing apart. Yes, this is a good thing! Once your brain receives the signal of distress, being that it cannot lift that heavy of a weight or run that far of a distance, it puts your muscles into a state of Anabolism: Protein Synthesis occurs, and your body not only repairs the tears, but adds more muscle fibers on top of the tear, making your muscles stronger for the next time you hit the weights or head out on a long run.It should be known, however, that this process does not happen while you are working out, or in any state of physical distress. It happens while you are resting, particularly while you are sleeping (which is why you need your 8 hours every night). If you do not give your body at least one full day of rest per weak, your body does not make complete improvements on the muscles you've worked on all week. Instead it just continues to break down the muscle tissue. You certainly won't fall behind in your gains, but your progress will be nothing short of slow.My end point is this: Work your ass off 5-6 days a week, eat lots of protein, take a day or two off every week, and enjoy the benefits associated with your rest days: GAINS!

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