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Grunt WOD 06-08-Aug-2015: Failure Is Not an Option

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
August 6, 2015
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Failure Is Not An Option06Aug2015:There's one thing that irritates me more than a fat person complaining about their weight while they sit on the couch: the quitter. Let me tell you something people: Quitters never win, and Winners never quit.Perform 100 Hand Clap Push Ups to earn a spot in the winners circle. Take breaks as needed, but don't go soft on me!07Aug2015:Now that you've dipped your toes in the water, it's time to jump in, full force. No one said success would come easy, or stick around for that matter:25 Mountain Climbers25 Shoulder Presses with weight25 weighted Chest Flyes25 Jump Lunges per legYou know the rules people, no more than 30 seconds of rest between each of the 5 circuits!08Aug2015:It's time to finish off the week strong people. Tomorrow's your rest day, so there's no reason to go easy or give up now. Give it everything you've got, down to the last rep of the last exercise. Let's GO!:25 Overhead Arm Claps with weight25 Wide Arm Push Ups25 Sumo Squats25 Flutter KicksIf you haven't been doing the full 5 sets or have been taking more than 30 seconds of rest... you're wrong. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow and I expect to see you In The Arena first thing Monday morning!

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