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Grunt WOD 10-15-Aug-2015: Never Accept Defeat

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
August 10, 2015
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Never Accept Defeat With the start of a new week comes the start of a new set of goals. Grunt Style has been posting WODs for quite a while now. Maybe you've been following them and maybe you haven't been. If you have been, then keep up the good work and crush your workouts this week. If you haven't been and this is your first time taking a look, I ask you this: What's your excuse? Unless you literally cannot move, I'll go ahead and say that there are no excuses. Harsh as this may sound, it's the truth. Too often people say they can't workout because they have too much work. But hey, you have time to watch your favorite TV show, right? Hell no. If you think you don't have time, then you should make time. Your health, and life, for that matter, depend on it. Let's start the week off with the turn of a new page. DO PT.***All circuits require 5 rotations with no more than 30 seconds between each rotation! ***Monday 10Aug2015: No Experience NecessaryNo experience is needed for this circuit. Just good old fashion moves that are proven to work.25 Wide Arm Push-ups25 Prone Reverse Flyes25 Narrow Squats25 V-upsTuesday 11Aug2015: Closer To The EdgeFor this circuit, you will need a pair of dumbbells, or equivalent objects such as 2 full gallons of water, milk, ect. Be creative, weight is weight!25 Isometric Wipers25 Hip Raises25 Bicycle Kicks25 Curls (with dumbbells or equivalent)Wednesday 12Aug2015: Hump DayToday's workout is nontraditional to what we usually post. I'm bringing you back to the good old days. If you were in the Military, then you probably know what a Ruck March is. If you do not, then prepare to copy:Load a durable backpack with at least 35 pounds, and take a hike! No seriously, strap on your pack and head out for a 3 mile walk. You'll feel the burn soon enough. ***Use a pillow or blanket to cushion the lower part of your pack and load as much of the weight towards the top. This will eliminate any stress on your lower back and improve your freedom to move.***Thursday, 13Aug2015: Just A Little FurtherGrab those dumbbells again, it's time to take it up a notch.25 Diamond Push-ups25 Overhead Triceps Extentions (With one dumbbell or equivalent)25 Hip Raises25 Shoulder presses (aka Military Press, with both dumbbells or equivalent)Friday, 14Aug2015: Last Day Of Work (But Not The Weekend)One achievement many fitness enthusiast strive for is the Muscle Up. Can you do them? If so, let's see you do 100. If you cannot make it to 100, finish them off with standard Pull-ups. ***You do not have to do all 100 reps at once, but do not take more than 30 seconds of rest between each bout!***Saturday, 15August2015: It's Not Over YetDumbbells or equivalent will be used for every exercise!25 Push-ups on Dumbbells (if you do not have dumbbells, elevate your feet)25 Front Raises with Dumbbells or equivalent25 Flutter Kicks (hold 1 dumbbell or equivalent behind your head)25 Sumo Squats (let dumbbell hang between your legs)Remember, Sunday is rest day! Take advantage of it, enjoy it, and we'll see you In The Arena on Monday.

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