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Threatening the President: Know the Consequences

Veteran News
Veteran News
April 12, 2019
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Want to get this disclaimer out of the way. Not an endorsement. You can't threaten the life ANY U.S. PRESIDENT. You're going to have a bad time.This is kind of old news, but it's worth sharing because you never know when one of your dumb friends is going to probably say some dumb shit on the internet that gets him in trouble. You could save them a ton of trouble by having them read this article. And let's be honest here, we all have dumb friends and if one doesn't come to mind immediately while reading this...we've got some bad news for you compadre.A local CBS affiliate is telling the tale of a lady who said some shit online that prompted a visit from the United States Secret Service and San Antonio Police Department. They were there to ask questions. Why? It's their f***ing job. The lady felt harassed and stated that all of this over a social media post was..."I just think, it's crazy. It's ludicrous."Is it though, is it ludicrous or crazy that if you make a threat of violence against a U.S. President, that the Secret Service, who in addition to doing Department of the Treasury shit, also happen to do that whole protecting the President bit? So you think it's crazy and ludicrous that the people assigned to protect the president are investigating to make sure you're not actually going to try to attack the president. Gotcha.Absolutely crazy and ludicrous.Look, we don't care either way. We don't care who you vote for, that's your private decision and whether or not you choose to share that is up to you, BUT...If you threaten the President of the United States of America, even jokingly, even if you think nobody is're going to have a bad time. Depending on how serious you were or weren't about that threat will probably affect how severe your bad time is. You might just give up a few hours of your time or have to pay a small legal fee for an attorney to be present while you're questioned, but it all depends. So in closing...Probably best to just you know...stick to civil discourse about your differences than threatening the President...and those goes for all sides!

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