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1st Marine Division Takes the L This Week

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
July 26, 2019
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Well, like what the shit 1/5? We had shit-talking privileges over 2nd MarDiv and these window lickers had to go and do some stupid ass shit like this. The Marines who had earlier been arrested for human smuggling turned over the names of anyone and everyone else involved which lead to mass arrests during a battalion formation.We're almost at a loss for words...almost. How incredibly stupid do you gotta be? Don't get us wrong, we're all about that side hustle. The Marines involved ranged from e-2 to e-4, not exactly breaking the bank with the paycheck and we've seen some incredibly stupid side hustles, prostitution, and contract marriages being the most common, but this shit...Now, 2nd MarDiv is going to be able to make fun of 1st MarDiv for a while because not only is human trafficking and drug smuggling a big no-no according to the Marine Corps, the fact that everyone got caught is shameful as well. We came from a time when there was a certain pride we took as Marines in doing some mildly illegal shit and not getting caught. That and to have your bros drop dimes on you...that's gotta suck balls too.Don't get us wrong, we're not condoning their actions in the least bit and these dudes definitely shoulda got caught but, to have your own boys turn on you. Ouch man. Just ouch.So as far as we're concerned and as sad as it makes us to do this, 1st MarDiv takes the big ol L this week for doing dumb illegal shit, being so shitty at it that you get caught and then having your boys narc on you. Sad day 1st MarDiv, we can only hope that 2nd or 3rd MarDiv does something stupid to skyline themselves and take the attention off of these shitbags.

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