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$2.5K and an End to the War

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 6, 2019
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2.5k and an end to the war...We'd rather our government just did the war right in the first place. It honestly feels kind of like a slap in the face (if it even happens),"Hey sorry, we f***ed up your war and got so many of your buddies killed and wounded because we limited ROEs and changed our mission ten thousand times even though the enemy never stopped trying really hard to kill you. So here's like $2500 bro."Gee thanks, guys. Look, it'll be nice that the war is over and all, but maybe, just maybe it'd be cooler if a lesson was learned from this quagmire that was created. Call us crazy! Maybe you know, that'd be more respectful, to actually learn from our mistakes and realize that maybe some of those dead generals from the past had a point when it came to actually winning a war. Maybe.At the end of the day, we know most people will take the cash and the end to the war because it's better than the alternative. We're not stupid. But the truth is and we think we're pretty spot on when we say this.We'd rather have our friends back, we'd rather our friends not be injured or maimed due to restrictive ROEs that made it almost impossible to effectively fight an insurgency...almost (don't get us wrong, we killed a f***load of bad guys despite our limitations). We'd rather not have to hold the powers that be accountable for care of those wounded in combat to get adequate care. We'd rather those "in charge" accept the fact that war is in fact super ugly and super chaotic and super destructive and let us go about our business.We'll take the cash because we're not stupid, but we're also going to take it as a tacit admission that politicians should stop micromanaging wars. The UCMJ exists for a reason, that's the oversight. In all truthfulness, if they wanted to save money, they'd have let us kill everyone that needed killing in the first four years. It'd have been over a lot sooner and we wouldn't even be having this discussion.Measure twice cut once or some shit...assholes.

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