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3 Fatal Events: 2 Shootings, 1 Crash

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
December 6, 2019
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This week has been fairly tragic for the military. More specifically, the helicopter crash and two Naval base shootings that have all happened since Wednesday, Dec. 4. Overall, at least 10 service members were killed in these events and at least eight wounded.On Wednesday, an active duty sailor shot three civilian employees at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, killing two of them. Then, the 22-year-old used his pistol to shoot and kill himself. The third victim is still in critical condition at the hospital.

Then, unfortunately on Thursday during a test flight, a Minnesota Army National Guard Black Hawk crashed. All three soldiers on board were killed. The crew sent a "mayday" call nine minutes into the flight and then all communications were lost.

Then Friday morning, 11 people were shot during an incident at Naval Air Station Pensacola. While the investigation is ongoing, it is coming to light this shooter was potentially with the Saudi military that was training at the base. The FBI is taking over the investigation from base authorities to determine if this was a terrorist incident. As we write this, the base is still shut down and personnel are slowly being cleared.

Each event is sad, but all three in one week is definitely appalling. Our hearts go out to the family and friends that were lost, as well as those affected or injured. We hope justice in any form can be served, even though both of the shooters are dead.We hope everyone continues to remain vigilant and watchful. Report suspicious activity to the nearest officials and always use your best judgement. We cannot express enough that if you see something, say something. As far as the helicopter crash, it is also extremely unfortunate. We hope authorities are able to learn lessons to prevent something like this from happening again.Rest easy brothers and sisters.

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