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5 Weekend Headlines - June 23, 2017

Veteran News
Veteran News
June 23, 2017
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Here are the 5 Things You Need To Know for the evening of June 23rd.

  1. According to a Venezuelan official, the Marines would meet a 'swift response' if they were to intervene in a protest that has been taking place since March against the country's socialist regime.
  2. President Trump signed a bill today that will make it easier for employees of the VA to be fired for misconduct and other offenses.
  3. The US Air Force Thunderbirds were involved in an accident in preparation for an airshow in Ohio. No injuries have been reported.
  4. Johnny Depp apologized today for comments he made on stage at the Glastonbury Festival about assassinating President Trump.
  5. If your friends bring up any of these stories over the weekend. Let them know that there is no alien megastructures nor did 'Mr. Bean' die at age 62.
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