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5 Tips to Be a Patriot While Traveling to South Korea

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 16, 2018
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There’s nothing better than traveling outside of the good ole U.S. of A. in the Spring when the weather is just starting to clear up, bathing suit season is around the corner, and plane ticket prices are starting to look more affordable. It spells a time for new beginnings and adventures for many Americans, especially this year-round when many new events and large-scale competition are on the horizon, such as the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. What better way to show off your patriotism than to attend, and support our country at these games, and rock a hell of a lotta red, white, and blue! Here’s how. Find the Best AMERICAN BBQ in Seoul

be a patriot

That’s right, you read that correctly. Surprisingly it’s not corny fusion food crud, or poorly cooked pork or beef, but it’s actually real authentic slow-cooked brisket and pulled pork that, apparently, melts in your mouth. Nothing gets better than getting a taste of sweet, sweet caramelized meat at Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue with the sides to boot! And because the guy making it is an expat from South Korea, he knows how to capture the heart of American meat-lovers and locals alike. But don’t forget to try yourself some more authentic Korean food because you won’t come across the real stuff too often in life, and this could be your shot. Be sure to hit up this joint once you start to miss a taste of home after you’ve tried the local cuisine, or if you’ve never had anything like it before then enjoy this gem for the first time! Attend the Jeju Fire Festival, Set the World on Fire, Literally One of the things that makes South Koreans similar to Americans is their love of fire in the symbolism of a new start, especially when they’re celebrating. At this festival, you’ll get plenty of fireworks, bonfires, and non-stop bad-assery. The locals perform ceremonies as they do every year around this time in hopes of a continued healthy year with plenty for harvest. If fires, food, and music weren’t enough to peak your interest, maybe the strength competition, otherwise known as Deumdoldeolgi, will get your blood racing.

be a patriot

Given the time of year, you’ll get the opportunity to lift boulders in the tropical rainstorms that plague this region, making you feel like the ultimate Rocky of the East. Since you’ll likely be drinking at this event I wouldn’t count on it, but here’s to showing off that American muscle. Rep that Red, White, and BlueOf course this should be at the top of the list, but honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less than decked out socks, hats, and flags for this epic trip. Hell, maybe even some painted faces and chests. Free the nipple! (Just kidding, don’t do that, you could be kicked out if you are attending the Olympics.) Since the biggest athletic event,this year will be taking place in Pyeongchang, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be the epicenter of wearing all things ‘Merica while you cheer on the contending competitors that represent the glorious 50 states.

be a patriot

One of the most stand-out brands out there is none other than the legitimately American-made gear from Grunt Style, a hold-your-own online apparel company that is growing their creativity with each passing season. From stars and stripes to low-key (and high-key) phrases, and creatively made images that everybody loves, and no one forgets. Rock that shit to the Winter Olympic games, and be the beast, or the belle, of the big ball. No pun intended. Drink, Duh... While the world’s top athletes compete in the Winter Games, us Americans will be shamelessly doing what we do best; playing drinking games. Koreans are no strangers to this either, in fact, they encourage drinking even more than Americans do. Although, the context does tend to be a bit different, we have to match the parallel by getting hoppy on a good old-fashioned boilermaker, or poktanju, which is essentially a shot of soju dropped into a beer, or mekju.

South Korea

Drinking is important in Korean business culture as well; it’s a chance for potential business partners to get to know their counterparts better. Even if the etiquette does vary on drinking occasion, Koreans, on average, out drink their daily recommended consumption between both men and women. Our ally did us proud in that regard, too. It’s more than just about getting schwasty, the deeper meaning behind it lies in the bonding, and solidarity of relationships to build; sound familiar? What beats sharing experiences with locals over a few rounds while learning new aspects of a different culture, and sharing your own, all the while eating some of the best kimchi and any stew you can dream? If that doesn’t sound good to you, then shoot that soju and pucker up buttercup because the eating and drinking only intensifies the longer you stay in South Korea. Thank a Soldier Whenever, Wherever Any American soldier who has been stationed overseas in South Korea, whether it’s at Camp Humphreys, or the former largest base Yongsan (which is currently in the process of being closed), will tell you they stick out like a sore thumb amid the crowd in SK. With roughly 29,000 soldiers relocated overseas in South Korea, it won’t be a rarity to run into a soldier from any one of the branches of the military. Since that is the case, a great way to show your patriotism and gratitude for their service is to treat them to a drink or a meal.

South Korea

The joys of free anything is a cool gesture in the first place, but why not share a drink with the men and women that defend our country for having to be far, far away from home? Not to mention the US Marines ran (are probably still running) drills in the snow and frigid temperatures with the SK Marines in Pyeongchang this past winter; so try to find a Marine to pass that drink to, and cheers with a tall one because they probably need it. Bottoms up.Related:TOP OLYMPIC MOMENTSGRUNT STYLE BUYS MAMMOTH SNIPER CHALLENGE

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