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A-10 Warthog Retirement Delayed

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 14, 2016
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A-10 Warthog Retirement Indefinitely DelayedIt came as great news to many to hear that the retirement of the A-10 will be delayed indefinitely, I mean who doesn't love some good BRRRTTT?As predicted by Air Combat Command commander Gen. Hawk Carlisle in November, the Air Force is indefinitely freezing all plans to retire the A-10 Warthog, a warplane many officials, airmen and congressional members have rallied behind since the announcement of its withdrawal from the battlefield.Service officials next month will lay out their new request when the Pentagon submits its fiscal 2017 budget request to Congress, DefenseOne reports.The Air Force in a statement told Air Force Times Wednesday they could not discuss the budget request until it is presented to Congress.“It appears the administration is finally coming to its senses and recognizing the importance of A-10s to our troops’ lives and national security," Rep. Martha McSally, R-Ariz., said in a statement Wednesday in response to the news reports. McSally is a retired colonel who served 26 years in the Air Force and was the first female pilot to fly in combat.


Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., another A-10 advocate, echoed McSally's sentiments."With growing global chaos and turmoil on the rise, we simply cannot afford to prematurely retire the best close air support weapon in our arsenal without fielding a proper replacement," he said in a statement.Read the full story from airforcetimes.comAre you as excited to hear this as we are? Let us know in the comment section or on Facebook![mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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