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The Emergence of a New Cold War

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April 17, 2019
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Nah the old Cold War never really ended. It's super great that the Berlin Wall fell and that the people in the Soviet Bloc were somewhat liberated, but if you take a look at how Russia operates today and how they operated in the past, you'll see the same thing we've been seeing. It's the Diet Soviet Union or the free version of Communism. The Berlin Wall fell in 1991 and only a short 8 years later, Putin became the acting Prime Minister of guys remember Putin right?For time's sake, Putin is suspected of ordering hits on at least 7 people, including political rivals, journalists and ex-spies, jailing roughly 102 political prisoners, occupying Ukraine, and the whole Putin has been in charge for 17 years and was elected in 2018 for another 6 years...seems awful dictatorial, there are laws restricting freedom of assembly and widespread corruption in favor of Putin via the tell us if that doesn't sound a bit Soviet to you guys.Anyways. Moving on. Relations between the United States and Russia have been getting worse in the recent years, with Russia backing Bashar Al-Assad and Russia's blatant violation of the INF treaty. We know everyone thinks it was a super great treaty and we're just a bunch of young whippersnappers who don't know shit all, but if everyone isn't abiding by the's not a good treaty. And let's be honest with ourselves and ask the question "Did Russia/Soviet Union ever really intend on abiding by the terms of that treaty?" Given how they've historically acted? Are you sure they negotiated in good faith? It was a huge PR win, we know, but c'mon guys...what good is a treaty if both sides aren't staying true to it?Pitter patter, Russia has recently upped the ante with their support of Maduro in Venezuela and has warned the United States to not get involved. The United States has, in turn, warned Russia not to get involved. And around and around and around the circle goes.Many think armed conflict is just around the corner and as much as we really don't need another war, man it'd feel really good to shut Russia the f*** up for once. F*** are they annoying.

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