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AFC Week 12 Preview

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 27, 2015
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AFC week 12 preview

Sports Analyst Tim CarrollTim is a freelance Sports Reporter with previous work in the Daily Vidette at Illinois State University.

Sunday 29 November, 2015

Oakland Raiders (4-6) at Tennessee Titans (2-8)


The Raiders head into Nashville having lost 3 straight. A once promising season appears to be slipping away. There is always next season to look at, as they’ve shown promise, but their talent on the defensive end is lacking. However, they still have a chance to make run at a wild-card berth. At this point in the season, we’ll see what kind of job Coach Jack Del Rio has done. This team simply not rolling over and dying when the odds are against them will go a long way in determining how successful his tenure will be in Oakland. Tennessee, however, just hasn’t caught any breaks this season. That week 1 explosion by Mariota may have set him up for failure. It put a target on their backs, with opponents not wanting to let a rookie tear them up. They’ve stayed competitive in most games, but this isn’t likely to be a season worth anything to them.

Prediction: Oakland 26, Tennessee 23.

Buffalo Bills (5-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (5-5)


Both teams are looking to make a run at a wild card spot. KC is currently the holder of that final spot, and a Buffalo win in KC would likely put them into that spot, and the tiebreaker with the Chiefs. Rex Ryan’s Bills have won some big games this season, but they’ve also lost some head-scratchers. Both of these defenses have tremendous talent, but have underachieved following some big games by opponents you wouldn’t expect. However, these teams will be giving their all to get the other team to quit early, ensuring victory and gaining the confidence they need to win, not just in the regular season, but in the postseason as well.

Prediction: Kansas City 20, Buffalo 19.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-5) at Indianapolis Colts (5-5)


With Andrew Luck out, this is a matchup of the leagues oldest QB (Matt Hasselbeck) and youngest QB (Jameis Winston). Hasselbeck is 3-0 this season, and just seems to have a calming presence in the huddle for this team. Winston has been heating up as the season has gone on, and it culminated in a 5 TD performance last week in Philly. Hopefully continuing their current trend of being road-warriors, they head into Indy looking to knock off the Colts from their cozy spot of first place and vault themselves into serious wild card contention. Being above .500 this late in the season truly means something. It illustrates you need to be taken seriously no matter what. One of these teams will be seriously considered after this week and the other will be “overrated”, expect a barnburner.

Prediction: Indianapolis 26, Tampa Bay 24.


New Orleans Saints (4-6) at Houston Texans (5-5)


Following 3 straight wins, the Texans once lost season now has much meaning. Being tied for first place has given this team hope going forward, and will be looking to pull out all the stops to make a playoff push. TJ Yates has come in an played pretty well for the Texans in the wake of Hoyer’s concussion. Hoyer appears to be ready to go and Yates will be back on the bench, but one has to wonder if Yates isn’t the best guy for the job. Hoyer and Mallett (not cut) were both inconsistent all season. Yates seemed to get the job done. They’ve really gotten hot though the last few weeks behind Watt and that defense that seems impossible to score on. Drew Brees will hope to capitalize on mediocre QB play on the other side to make up for his defenses miscues, as a win keeps them in the thick of the playoff hunt. Brees is having another high-yardage season, but something still seems different, and hopefully they’ll be able to make a run.

Prediction: New Orleans 27, Houston 24.

St. Louis Rams (4-6) at Cincinnati Bengals (8-2)


After two losses against teams with great pass-rush, the Bengals have to be dreading the fact that they now have to survive another awesome defensive line in the St. Louis Rams. Luckily for them, the Rams offense has been inconsistent due to its quarterback play, and Todd Gurley is no longer tearing up defenses in spite of this. Andy Dalton has come back down to Earth here, but a bounce-back game also seems to be in order. A win here will be a good way to get back on track and keep holding on to that two seed in the playoff picture. Most of the Rams d-line seems to be healthy, so they’ll be looking to pin-their ears back and get after Dalton to force some mistakes.

Prediction: Cincinnati 24, St. Louis 10.

San Diego Chargers (2-8) at Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)


The Chargers have yet to win a game on the road all year (0-4), and the Jaguars, who are still fighting for a playoff spot in a weak AFC South, will hope to keep their record winless for San Diego as they look to at least keep pace with Houston and Indy. Although, Philip Rivers likely to play teams that are young and inexperienced, and usually has success in those games. Blake Bortles, however, will look to put gashes in that Charger secondary with these talented young receivers. This Chargers trend seems like a tough one to end in this spot.

Prediction: Jacksonville 24, San Diego 17.

Miami Dolphins (4-6) at New York Jets (5-5)

jets logo

The Jets once promising season has come nearly crashing to the ground. After winning 4 out of 5 to start the season, they’ve now lost 4 out of 5 to be stuck here at 5-5, tied with four other teams for a wild card spot, but being last due to all the tiebreakers lost. Miami still has hope as well, but they don’t seem to have the firepower after their starting players to be able to make a run against many of these loaded teams. Ryan Tannehill doesn’t seem to be a guy that can carry a franchise anymore. Ryan Fitzpatrick, however can still get the ball to his receivers.

Prediction: New York 23, Miami 20.


New England Patriots (10-0) at Denver Broncos (8-2)


Peyton Manning will not be on the field for the first time in a long time when his team plays the Patriots. He will, however, be preparing Brock Osweiler for everything he can expect to see against Bill Belichick’s defense. Osweiler looked very good last week against the Bears, but still only mustered 17 points for his team. The Patriots play much sounder defense and have plenty of more talent to boot. Tom Brady usually hands the ball off plenty against the Broncos, and it’s probably a good idea again this time around, but the Broncos will look to get after him once again. Prepare for plenty of LeGarrette Blount and Rob Gronkowski for the Pats, as Tom Brady will likely be pumping his fists in celebration plenty against an inexperienced quarterback.

Prediction: New England 31, Denver 20.

Monday 30 November, 2015

Baltimore Ravens (3-7) at Cleveland Browns (2-8)


This may very well be the worst game to have in primetime this season. As both teams have no shot to go anywhere after January 3rd. Joe Flacco is done for the year, and Johnny Manziel can’t stay out of trouble. Both defenses leave you wanting more and the talent around both quarterbacks isn’t spectacular anyway. I can’t really bring myself to say much more about this game except that hopefully, the one guy you have from either of these teams helps out your fantasy football team!

Prediction: Cleveland 20, Baltimore 17.

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