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Aging Cruisers: Getting the Scrap

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 19, 2019
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The Ticonderoga class cruisers are on the Navy's short list for getting scrapped. Six of them to be exact. But this comes at a really shitty time because you know...China is being a gigantic gaping asshole and we need all the firepower we can get. The Ticonderoga class cruisers have plenty of firepower, firepower that we'll do doubt miss. Able to carry 122 missiles, these long dick swingin' ships are the next biggest threat to the enemy after our aircraft carriers and arguably submarines (we're going with submarines for their stealth, not raw firepower).But we're about to scrap them. There are numerous maintenance issues with the aging cruisers, hence the reason they are on the chopping block. So what do we do about this? We think the best answer is often the most simple.Build a bigger, better cruiser. Stop trying to be so sexy about it. Incorporate new radar technology, throw down a few more VLS (vertical launch system) cells, improve the hull and add in that cool laser point defense weapon. Seems easy enough right?We know we're not top of the line weapons analysts or ship designers but, this is a problem that should have been prepped for years ago with a working prototype/replacement well on the way. But we've tried to be way too Rico Suave about the whole deal. Investing tons of cash into the Zumwalt class destroyer of which...we're only getting 3 of those new destroyers...with no plans for a new cruiser on the table...or...We've hinted at it before...refit the battleships and upgrade them with VLS systems and better guns, advanced radar. Suns out guns out baby. We can almost assure you that if an upgraded battleship sails through the South China Sea, with upgraded anti-air defense, as well as a solid complement of missiles, China might shit their pants.As of now though, the Navy is looking at scrapping six Ticonderoga class cruisers and no replacements for the loss of firepower are on the least that we know of.

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