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Embracing Life All Politics Aside

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Active Military
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Veteran News
May 10, 2019
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How stupid silly is this? The President stated he'd like the leaders of Iran to call him and talk to him. Granted there has been a ton of bad blood between our nations ever since we did that thing with the Shah in the '50s. We get it. But all politics aside and whatever opinions you have of the President either way (because we don't do politics, remember) ignored...How is it a good move by the Iranians to not want to speak to the guy?Opening up lines of communication with the guy whos nation could literally and might literally wipe you and your regime off this planet for good doesn't seem like the worst idea possible. We've had over 70 years of bad blood between our nations and maybe now...maybe JUST F***IN' MAYBE, talking to each other and sorting this shit out would be good for the world.But...Iran, who is as hardline as ever, refuses to talk with the President. The great thing about not having a dictator is when our administration changes, we can maybe possibly unf*** our f***up. When you've got an extremist theocratic repressive dictatorship, they tend to parrot the same talking points they did years ago. Not that we always do...but we can if we tried and paid attention, but whatevs.Call us crazy or whatever, but we're huge fans of diplomacy when it gets its fair shake. We're not fans of diplomacy like what's going on with the Taliban right now. We can say with almost certainty that they're not negotiating in good faith regarding the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Same goes for nearly any negotiating we do with Russia, China or North Korea, we doubt they'll hold to their word, but we're already at odds with these guys, what's so horrible about taking a phone call and maybe avoiding the big bombs dropping?Don't get us wrong, huge explosions are cool and we love it when tyrants die, but we also would be totally cool if Iran decided after a phone call with El Presidente, that hey, maybe we don't have to go to war over this shit. Maybe it would be cool if we didn't get bombed back into the stone age.If you're already at odds with someone, and they reach out to talk to you, what's the worst that could happen? You continue to be at odds with each other. What's the best that could happen, we don't kill all of them, well that's what's best for them because Iran would get straight schwacked and stacked.All politics aside, this is a dumb move by Iran and as much as we're critical of our foreign policy guffaws and obvious and overt clusterflucks, Iran will be kicking itself if it comes to war, when a simple phone call could have prevented it all. Dumb man. Just f***in' dumb.

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