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Amber Alert Complaints to Police

Veteran News
Veteran News
February 20, 2019
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Luckily, this story doesn't come to us from the United States, rather, just across our border to the north. In the Toronto area (you'll have to forgive us as we're not exactly up to par on all the subdivisions and minor cities surrounding Toronto), last Friday (February 15th) an Amber Alert went off late at night after a young girl's mother phoned police saying her husband posed a threat to their daughter and he had not dropped her off as scheduled.The Amber Alert woke many people up. Good. It should. A child is missing you, dolts. But what did our "friendly, neighborly, oh so polite all the time Canadian neighbors" do? They called the police to complain about being woken up by an Amber Alert.What kind of asshole gets mad at an Amber Alert? Those things aren't issued willy nilly, at least here in the United States (here are the guidelines so that you know). Maybe there are extenuating circumstances...ok rare...but still just roll over and go back to sleep. We get it, sleep is important for a productive day at work the next day, but heaven forbid, you be mildly inconvenienced to possibly help save a child's life. If you are sleeping and are woken up and have been asleep for a while, you can probably go back to sleep as seeing how in your sleep, you probably didn't gain helpful or useful information. But no, instead you decided to stay awake and phone the police and bitch and moan about an Amber Alert.What kind of self-serving, shit heel of a person complains about being bothered by an Amber Alert? Especially now knowing that the girl was killed by her father and the Amber Alert directly led to his arrest in the town of OrillaLook, we get it, most of the time you don't know f*** all about an Amber Alert, you see it and dismiss it because you haven't seen shit. It's a big world. But sometimes, you could save a life. That's the problem with the world today. Apathetic as F*** about everything except what directly affects us.We hope Amber Alerts wake up everyone all the time, but that's just us you a damn about the welfare of a kid. What a bunch of pricks we are. (sarcasm)

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