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Surrendering ISIS American Fighter

Veteran News
Veteran News
September 14, 2017
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US military officials have released information that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are detaining a US citizen that had reportedly been fighting and supporting ISIS in Syria. Apparently, the American fighting for ISIS surrendered to Kurdish forces.

According to Col. Ryan Dillon in a Pentagon video conference from Baghdad: "We have seen those same reports and the SDF as our partner has taken an oath to make sure that any fighters that they capture that they maintain them and bring them to the proper authorities. In this case, the proper authorities would be the equivalent of the department of state in the country."

"If this was a US citizen it would be the Department of State to find out the updates on that particular person," Dillon added.

The State Department is keeping mum on the subject, but reports first broke of an American fighting for ISIS being detained as early as this morning at the Daily Beast and CNN shortly thereafter.

Maj. Earl Brown stated: “We are aware of the report that a U.S. citizen believed to be fighting for ISIS surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces on or about Sept. 12. We defer to the U.S. Department of Justice and the Government of Iraq on this issue. The Coalition’s mission is to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and we will pursue ISIS fighters regardless of nationality."

While this isn't the first time a US citizen fighting for ISIS has been detained by US allies in the region, it is one of the first time that the Trump administration will encounter such a situation.

In spite of the fact that a large number of US citizens travel to Iraq and Syria annually, it has been reported that fewer of these travelers end up joining ISIS than those that do so in other countries such as Western Europe.

With their many recent losses to coalition forces, ISIS is not growing in numbers, regardless of their continued efforts against the United States and its allies. In fact, the clear commitment from the Trump administration to support efforts against ISIS and the subsequent victories over the terrorist organization has actually increased the number of rebel fighters surrendering to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. In this week alone, Dillon reported that five ISIS fighters, including a local commander, had surrendered.

We'll follow this story and fill you in on all the details about how this American fighting for ISIS will be treated now that he is in custody. We'd love to hear how you think he should be handled after turning his back on his country and fighting against the US and her allies. Sound off in the comments below!

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