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North Korea's Weapons Test Amid Pandemic

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Active Military
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Veteran News
March 2, 2020
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Oh, North Korea, North Korea, North Korea. Despite the fact that the spicy flu (aka Coronavirus), as it's been dubbed on the internets, is infecting his country, Kim Jong Un has opted for another weapons test. That's right. Coronavirus has taken hold in North Korea, but instead of a vaccine...hehe like they have medicine, the successor, the holder of the family name Kim, the Supreme Leader is like "Ya know what we need, another weapons test."The tests had allegedly been put off for a month due to COVID-19 but with the recent news of a North Korean being executed testing positive of COVID19 (aka spicy flu, we're going to assume that the virus is still an issue, especially given the proximity to the Chinese mainland where the virus seemingly began.Maybe, just maybe, Kim Jong Un believes that the fish to its east are responsible for the coronavirus? We're joking, obviously, but regarding North Korea, it's safe to say that almost any idiotic thing we say could be the reality. That country...well it's leaders are known for making really really really...really really really stupid decisions. The test looks like the end to several inspections that were conducted by Kim of the North Koreans artillery sites. The rest of the world is like "Hey we should work on a vaccine for the spicy flu," and North Korea is like "Bettershoot some of our missiles an' shit off."The rockets that were fired have not been categorized as of yet as either ballistic missiles or rocket artillery. These systems are similar to our own MLRS system which can be used to overwhelm missile defense systems. It also could have been one of their new mobile ballistic missiles that were tested as well. South Korea and the United States are currently investigating the launches.As always kids, remember a weapons test won't cure a virus. The solution to the Coronavirus, as we all know, is lime around the rim and salt...wait no...that's wrong. How about wash your hands and cover your mouth like a vampire when you sneeze.

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