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Russia and China's Iran Trade

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 8, 2018
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With new sanctions taking effect on Iran, Russia and China point blank don't give a shit what the United States says. Is it any surprise though? India is also blatantly telling the U.S. to jog off, but since they're not as aggressive as these other two, we'll let their slight slide...for now. However, if there was any confusion or disbelief that China and or Russia were looking to upset the power balance and knock the United States down a peg or two, all you need to do is look at their actions regarding the sanctions on Iran.Their motives are quite plain to see.The geopolitical sphere has always been a shitty place to delve into. Russia says it wants peace (Lol, ok Diet Soviet Union), China says it wants peace as well (as they say they want to be the number one superpower), but their actions are clearly an affront to the United States.Since November 1979, Iran has been a hostile state. So hostile in fact that we helped Saddam Hussein fight them in the 80's before we kicked his ass. Yeah crazy how the world works huh? They've expressed their intent to see Israel wiped off the face of the Earth, and whether you like Israel or not, the extreme hostility of Iran is unwarranted.Are sanctions the right call? Well...what else are we going to do? Go to war?We wholly trust the Iranian government to be the same shady, saber rattling, nuclear weapon wanting assholes they've been for a long while. We doubt that a piece of paper, the JCPOA, in all it's 159 pages of diplomatic doublespeak will change the heart of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei or his hardliners.Whatever Iran does, Russia and China don't seem to care as long as it potentially weakens the United States or gives their countries a leg up on the United States.


It's time to stop living in a fairytale world. While it'd be nice to get along with everyone, Russia and China are not our friends, nor does it look like they'll be changing their tune anytime soon.

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