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Embracing Tech Basics

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
March 15, 2019
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The warriors of today and tomorrow have access to technology that a few short years ago was nothing more than science fiction. AI fighter jets, load carrying robots, AI targeting systems, drone swarms. It all seems a little far fetched, but it is the reality of the modern battlefield. Our fighters have more tech at their disposal than you could shake a stick at, and if you did, a robot might shoot your stick.With all the advantages technology will give us, it might be easy to forget the basic principles that won us victory in battle (maybe not the war, but definitely the battles). Reliance on technology will be the downfall of a military somewhere in the world. Whether it is ours, China or Russia or some other nation we don't yet give a flying f*** about, over-reliance on tech will spell their doom.Now we're not saying that technology and relying on such is a bad thing. We're saying OVER reliance. It's why we were pissed (and still slightly so) over the Marine Corps letting recruits qualify with the ACOG/RCO (it's an optic). We have nothing against optics or scopes as the civilian types would say. We have a problem with relying on the optic. Learn to shoot with iron sights in boot camp, understand the principles and then if you want to train with the ACOG/RCO once you hit the fleet, totally cool. Provided you can shoot with iron sights first.That is just one example that we're slightly miffed about, but there are many more. Let's say your reconnaissance drone goes down, do your troops know how to conduct a recon of your immediate area without getting caught? Or was everyone too busy f***in' off because "Hey man, we have the drone."Technology isn't going anywhere. We can't change that. Our "brilliance in the basics" mindset doesn't have to disappear to pave the way for that tech either. The two can co-exist. Because one day, batteries will die, or a CPU will overheat...when this inevitably happens, follow the motto of the drug smugglers "When they go high, we go low."

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