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Ammo Crafters at Chester Fair

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
September 26, 2019
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Guys, I want to take the time to tell you all about a veteran-owned company who recently had an opportunity to paint the veteran, veteran-business, and 2nd Amendment communities in either a positive light or a painfully stereotypical troped out bad light. The company is Ammo Crafters, who make patriotic, military, veteran and 2nd amendment themed barware. In addition to their products, the team also supports other veteran businesses by donating 25% of their gross monthly profit to the non-profit Vest A Vet, which seeks to empower veterans to start their own businesses. Recently, they were at the Chester Fair in Connecticut, where despite having a contract and conducting business in a purely professional manner, they were asked to leave due to one of their shirt designs. The shirt in question is in our feature photo, the "I Heart (my) Rifle" shirt.Now, I know what many of you are thinking,"How dare Chester Fair do this, it's an outrage..."I know, this is usually our knee-jerk reaction, but what I'd like to do today is tell you that we could all learn a lesson from the gentlemen at Ammo Crafters. See, despite being in the right, the gentlemen from Ammo Crafters didn't make a scene, they didn't cause a stir. They didn't get visibly angry and tote out the "How dare you I'm a veteran" card. Instead, they knew that right then and there, no matter how righteous their cause, it was a fight they may or may not win based on public perception. They recognized the current state of our society and calmly exercised the wisdom to peacefully withdraw. Additionally, they got a full refund of their registration fee for their booth. That's nice, but it doesn't offset the loss of revenue from the event. But again, the team over at Ammo Crafters handled it with class and dignity.I know, it can seem like that may have been a place to make a stand for the 2nd Amendment as well as the 1st Amendment, but if they had, all of our detractors would have eaten that shit up. Despite how wrong the detractors are, it would have been fuel to the fire and given them ammo to assert outlandish things about our community. That is ammo that Ammo Crafter's did not want to give them, and by their virtue, they did not.But...

"The position of the fair association is that items promoting automatic weapons at a county fair are not appropriate for such a venue."You would think that an Agricultural and Mechanical themed fair would know the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic firearm, especially given the prevalence of the AR-15 in the farming and ranching communities to protect crops and livestock from wild hogs and predators. I mean for as long as we can remember, firearms and agriculture have gone hand in hand. Seems strange that due to complaints by either a Towns Selectwoman or a few patrons, that Ammo Crafters would be asked to leave the fairgrounds over a t-shirt, mind you, not even an actual firearm in hand. But I guess that's what happens when someone on some committee decides they need to flex what little power they have in the name of political correctness and propagandized buzzwords.All that ridiculousness aside though, remember how Ammo Crafters handled the situation, with poise and class, which is something we could all do a better job of, including the Chester Fair...

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