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Bombing During Peace Talks

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Active Military
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Veteran News
July 1, 2019
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"Peace Talks". That's what it's called when the Taliban is setting off bombs and raining gunfire down on government officials in Afghanistan while they "negotiate for peace".A car bomb was set off early this morning in Kabul, followed by gunmen raining fire down on a Defense Ministry building. The bomb was big enough to blow out windows of a nearby school and wound several school children. What does this tell us?It tells us we lost. It sucks. All the blood, all the lives lost for what? It seems like even for all the "might" and "power" of the United States, Afghanistan will once again prevail. Quite frankly that's absolute horseshit that never should have been allowed.The repression and extremism will remain and more than likely increase once we leave and the enemy will only become more emboldened that they "defeated" the United States of America. We killed scores of them. But not quite enough.Let this bomb and all the bombs in the recent weeks and months be a reminder that just because you call them "peace talks", doesn't make it so. It's a grim reminder that when it comes to something being over, the enemy has a say in it too.War sucks worse than your local Karen and Kyle combo and after almost 20 years, it looks like everyone is tired of it. Except for the Taliban. They're not war weary. We've killed tons of them, still, they come. So what's the answer after this latest attack. Well, we've got a couple of options.We can pull out and let the Taliban run rampant over a weak Afghan government. Shit would suck for the Afghan people.We can basically start the entire war over and rip them out by the root, but that'll take a hands-off approach by Washington. Shit would suck for us.We can pull everyone and drop a nuke or two where the Taliban is still the strongest. (lotta people gonna die though). Shit would suck for the entire world.Nearly everything we do though...will have some pretty dire consequences because we became too humane. Too compassionate to the enemy.We shouldn't war against nations often but when we do...we should win decisively and we haven't committed to doing that since 1945. Shit should change.

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