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China-Taiwan Relations

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 2, 2019
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For shit's sake already just start World War 3. Here we are beating another dead horse, China and Taiwan are at it again. As usual, China is the aggressor and continues to preach the idea of "One China" and that any foreign powers should let family handle family business. The carrot and stick approach of China at this point is no surprise. We all know for dissidents in a communist country, the carrot is actually just the stick in an orange jumpsuit.Xi Jinping stated that his country would most certainly not rule out force to unify mainland China with the separatist island. At this point are we really surprised that a Communist nation is basically saying "join or die" to a neighboring nation? Granted the island of Taiwan isn't officially recognized by many as a sovereign nation, but at the same time, nobody really likes China exerting its control over the South China Sea, so...we're left in a quagmire of sorts.In the end what it will come down to is whether or not the United States decides Taiwan and the South China Sea are worth keeping independent from the mainland. President Trump, upon election, told Xi that he would support the one China doctrine adopted by presidents of the past. The only thing we see upsetting this promise is the use of military force by China. Unfortunate thing is that particular course of action is more than likely going to happen.With an overwhelming 70 percent of the population on the small island believing in and supporting an independent Taiwan, it is highly unlikely, especially given their pro-independence president elected in 2016, that Taiwan will cede to the wishes of mainland China. The only question now is who will make the first move in a conflict that could spell war for much of the globe? If you answered China, congratulations, we've got a smooth Benjamin Franklin that China initiates the hostilities.

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