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Taliban Attack Claims US Service Member

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
September 5, 2019
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Another US service member has been killed in Afghanistan. I hate this shit that we've gotten ourselves into with this peace deal. I totally understand why the Taliban is still attacking us, they're leveraging whatever they can to ensure that we leave. On the flip side, all they're doing is showing us exactly what is going to happen to their government when we do leave. They'll attack them and take Afghanistan back to where it was pre-2001.It's straight-up horseshit that we're getting bullied by the Taliban. We're losing guys left and right while negotiating in good faith (or so I assume, which is definitely a risky assumption, but I'll take my lumps if we're not) and not a thing is happening to the Taliban for their continued attacks.Geopolitics is a fucky, if not entirely fucked shitshow. At least...at least if we could get a body count going on the other side, it wouldn't make up for the losses we've had, but I dare say if we knew we were losing one man for every six hundred or so of them...(obviously, that's an unreal and hyperinflated number, but I'm making a point here), then we'd feel a little bit better about this peace deal.Yet all it looks like is were sitting around with our hands tied, getting our asses beat, all so we can retreat. I'm no general, nor am I a politician, but luckily, common sense is for the common man, and this shit just doesn't sit right with me. Again, the caveat that geopolitics is a fucky shitshow and I'm no diplomat, but I am a dude that is tired of watching another bomb go off and another one of our guys or gals go down all because we didn't commit to actually win. We committed to placating and putting a check in the box as far as war goes.As of now the name of the servicemember we lost is unknown but on behalf of this country, we're sorry we put you in a no-win situation and we should be deadlier than this. We should be the ones forcing the Taliban to the table instead of them driving bombs around like shit hasn't changed in the nearly 20 years we've been there. We as a nation failed this unknown warrior and countless others.War is not something to be done half-assedly. We either commit to really win, or we don't go. It's that simple.

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