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Australia: More Proof We Can Unite for Good

Community Support
Community Support
January 10, 2020
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The sociological climate these days is enough to give anyone whiplash.  Current events, political agendas, and mainstream media continue to aid in the divisive nature of things.  But there is one thing in today's headlines we are all united for- saving Australia.

Fires continue to rip through the island at disproportionate rates.  This has left quite a bit of the country in need, particularly the wildlife.  Pictures and headlines of animals and volunteers have flooded social media, and you would be remiss if it didn't move you in some way.Yet, in tragedy, comes the restoration of faith in humanity.  

People all over the world, with all different socioeconomic backgrounds have come together to help Australia.  Famous actors, nude models, crocheting moms, and everyone in between, has united for Australia.

And yes, while this has also added fuel to both sides of the climate debate, it does not matter what side you are on.  You will still see a photo of a koala in need and want to offer assistance.  You will still see a volunteer giving water to an animal and feel a small amount of warmth.  (Unless you are completely heartless, in which case we recommend looking at more pictures of baby animals.)

We need to unite in the face of tragedy and help where we can.  

Even when tragedy strikes here in the United States, like the hurricane that devastated Houston, we united as a people and a team. Why it takes massive acts of Mother Nature to make us put down our differences, we cannot be entirely sure.  Nevertheless, we must continue and persist to do good in the face of bad.

As a new decade continues forward into its second week, one can only hope that the people of the world continue to come together to aid those in need.  Even if it's not a world cause, but a singular buddy in need, we hope you're moved to help in a way that you can.

So here's to continued clear, positive visions for 2020... (See what we did there!?)

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