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Larkin Motors Foundation: Helping Veterans Get Back on the Road

Community Support
Community Support
September 1, 2022
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The transition out of the military and into civilian life is a road that all of our nation's Veterans must travel. For some, finding purpose after years of service comes easy. For others, the journey is often just as hard or, in a lot of cases, even harder than the missions completed while serving our country. 

Finding normalcy and peace can leave many feeling lost, alone, and stranded. There are many services out there for Veterans to utilize in efforts to combat this. Here at Larkin Motors Foundation, we saw a gap in services that provide Veterans with a means of reliable transportation.

For all of us, civilians and veterans alike, car repairs/breakdowns can be one of the most stressful and negative events we experience in day-to-day life. Money is tight and the bills are paid, but the financial safety net is not there. A struggle that many of us are familiar with at one point or another. This added stress can be all it takes to knock Veterans off the path to recovery from visible and non-visible wounds caused by years of service. 

When we discovered the need for a program that was geared towards keeping veterans and their families on the road safely and reliably we immediately started on our mission. 

Initially, we used our automotive service business to fund these repairs. The demand for help quickly outgrew the financial capacity of what the business could handle. Starting  the Larkin Motors Foundation in order to rally the community together to raise funds was our solution to this roadblock. 

To date, the Larkin Motors Foundation has helped over 20 Veterans and their families while doing over $100,000 in car repairs and other services. Each one of the Veterans we help has a unique set of circumstances and helping them stay on the path to success is something we are proud to have a hand in.

The ultimate goal of the Larkin Motors Foundation is to build a network of repair shops around the country strategically positioned to help Veterans from coast to coast. Through fundraising and spreading awareness of our mission, we can see this goal slowly coming to fruition. 

Our largest hurdle to the success of Larkin Motors Foundation is a lack of funding which unfortunately leads to us having to turn some veterans away or put them on our long list of vehicles to get to. Fast turnaround and the ability to help as many people as possible is something we strive for with every step forward in the growth of LMF.

If you would like to sponsor a repair project or submit a Veteran who could use our services please email

To donate and learn more about the Larkin Motors Foundation visit our website or head over to our social media platforms Facebook: Larkin Motors Foundation & Instagram: @larkinmotorsfoundation 

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