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Introducing Bonefrog Coffee Company

Community Support
Community Support
October 1, 2022
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The next time you have a cup of coffee, do so for a great cause. Help support the Naval Special Warfare community by enjoying a cup from BoneFrog Coffee Company

They’re not just another coffee company. Their uncompromising core values of GOD, COUNTRY, TEAM guide their business decisions, customer service, and integrity. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes directly to financially support the foundations created to serve the Naval Special Warfare community and their families. 

BoneFrog Coffee dripping through a filter

These include the Navy SEAL foundation, SEAL Veterans Foundation and the Navy SEAL’s fund. BoneFrog coffee is a Veteran-owned and operated premium, gourmet Coffee Company located in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest. The coffee Roastery was founded by retired US Navy SEAL Tim Cruickshank.

After serving 25 years in the US Navy, Tim created BoneFrog Coffee as a Tribute to the Brotherhood of US Navy SEALs, his Teammates, the Naval Special Warfare community, and to all Americans who have bravely served, or who are currently serving, in our United States Armed Forces. 

After leaving the U.S. Navy, Tim was fortunate to partner with Seattle coffee legend, and Master Roaster, Dave Stewart, the original founder of Seattle’s Best Coffee. Dave was so impressed with Tim’s idea he quickly jumped on board to help. Mentoring and sharing his 5 decades of experience in the coffee industry, Tim and Dave excitedly started creating coffee blends together that have created quite a sensation and are being shared daily with their avid customers across the United States.

The coffee is roasted to order and shipped fresh daily to your doorstep. The team at BoneFrog believes passionately in what they’re doing to Honor the Fallen and they put the same effort, determination, and Teamwork into what they’re doing every day at BoneFrog as they did when they were serving our country. Tim loves to say, “We’re not just making a difference, we ARE the difference.”

It’s this type of passion that his customers love. As well as the handwritten notes he sends with each order - a lost art of customer service long abandoned by most.

BoneFrog Coffee is much more than just a cool name and logo. Not only does it make great tasting coffee, the Roastery was named after (and gets its logo from) the BoneFrog, a sacred and iconic image in the SEAL Teams that honors those SEAL’s who made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our country and our freedom. It is our goal to have every American recognize this symbol as one of bravery, honor, and sacrifice. 

Whole bean bag of BoneFrog coffee

Each label that BoneFrog Coffee creates for its coffee bags tells a story of great American heroes who answered the call so that their memories and legacies will never be forgotten. They’re so much more than just cool looking labels. BoneFrog Coffee is on a mission of giving back to those who have given so much. It believes that courage, determination, and selfless acts are part of the American DNA. 

So next time you’re low on coffee, consider giving BoneFrog a try. In doing so, you’re helping honor the memories of those brave Americans who were willing to sacrifice everything for you and for something greater than themselves.

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