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B-1 Lancers (a.k.a. The Bone) Grounded

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Active Military
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Veteran News
March 29, 2019
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No Bone plane train of pain for a while guys...sorta. The B-1 Lancer long-range bomber, also known as the Bone because well it's the B-1..spelled out it turns into can we all see where the Bone nickname came from? Cool. There have been reported safety concerns with the ejection system and each individual plane has been grounded until the ejection system, more specifically the drogue chute systems have been inspected.Once the planes complete the inspection, we can get our Bones back up in the air. You might think that this article is just an opportunity for us to make tons of Bone jokes and various low effort bathroom humor jokes. You'd be 100% accurate. But also, our Bone fleet has been temporarily grounded pending an inspection of their ejection systems.Sometimes our Bones don't work correctly and having them inspected will ensure an early return to service for our Bones. As a major part of our nuclear triad, it's important to have all of our Bones ready to do work at a moments notice.See our Bones play a key role as they serve a much different purpose than say the B-52 or B-2 bombers. Our Bones thrust into enemy territory with high speed and devastating loads. The B-52 is a brute and slow. The B-2 is a stealthy invader of airspace. The Bone, however, with its sleek shape and powerful engines penetrate the enemies airspace over and over and over again.Our strategic bomber force is a key force multiplier and anytime the Bone isn't working, it puts us at a serious disadvantage. We need our Bone fleet up and running, ready to drill a hole through enemy air defenses with unrelenting bombing runs, taking out key defenses and thus giving the enemy a ride one the Bone plane train of pain.Keep our Bones in your thoughts and prayers that they stand tall and are ready to be just the tip of an offensive shock and awe campaign.

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