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Veteran News
Veteran News
May 24, 2018
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North Korea at it again...Is this horse dead yet? Yes? Are you sure? Shouldn't we beat the crap out of it just to make sure? Yeah? No? Who cares, guess what it's back to saber rattling we go as North Korea flat out claims that if the talks with the United States fail, they are ready for a nuclear showdown. Really? You're ready for a nuclear showdown with the country that's been building nukes since before you even decided to invade South Korea. The country that has vast resources and can build extremely powerful nuclear weapons in a matter of hours, versus the country that is just now getting into the nuclear game.We've gotta say, despite whatever happens, it's hard to take North Korea seriously anymore. As much as we don't want to underestimate our enemy, everything they say seems to come from one of the two "Interdimensional Cable" episodes of Rick and Morty. Truly we don't want to be arrogant but let's examine a few key facts here.1. North Korea is literally starving to death.2. Their nuclear delivery systems are still...problematic3. They've only recently figured out how to make a nuclear weapon4. If they attacked first, China said it wouldn't support them5. China's support is the only thing keeping North Korea running.As much as foreign powers blast the United States for military spending, we have the economy and the resources to do it. North Korea has literally bankrupted and starved its entire country trying to be the biggest, baddest player on the playground and it isn't turning out well for them. They've done the equivalent of injecting Synthol oil into their muscles to make it appear as if they are strong when in reality, it's just a ridiculous facade.[caption id="attachment_17674" align="alignnone" width="750"]

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I will end you[/caption]North Korea, calm down. You're picking the wrong fight at the wrong time with the wrong man. Jim Mattis will wreck your entire existence.

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