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Bergdahl's Defense: Self-Sacrifice as a Motive

Veteran News
Veteran News
March 17, 2016
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Bergdahl Claims "Self-Sacrifice" As Reason For Desertion

Deserting his post in 2009 for whatever reasons he wants to claim, Bergdahl got a lot of good men killed while they were looking for him after he was captured. He may say that it was "self-sacrifice" but what it really was, was a selfish and cowardice act, and he didn't pay the price for it. Now he is facing charges for desertion and misbehavior in front of the enemy, and surprise surprise, he's trying to make excuses for his actions. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl said he left a post in Afghanistan in 2009 to draw attention to what he saw as bad decisions by officers above him, according to documents released Wednesday that also show he was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.Attorneys for Bergdahl, who faces charges including desertion, said they released the documents to help counteract negative publicity over the case.Bergdahl told a general who investigated the case that he hoped to cause an alarm by leaving his post, then walk to a larger base in Afghanistan so he could have an audience with a top commander.
"So, the idea was to — it was— literally, it was a sacrificial — it was a self-sacrifice thing," Bergdahl said, according to the transcript of a 2014 interview with Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl.Another newly released document from July 2015 shows that an Army Sanity Board Evaluation concluded that Bergdahl suffered from schizotypal personality disorder when he left the post. A Mayo Clinic website says people with the disorder have trouble interpreting social cues and can develop significant distrust of others.

Read the full story from The Army TimesTo those who lost loved ones looking for him, we are truly sorry for your loss.Let us know what you think about this in the comment section or on our social media.

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