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Big Trouble in Big China

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 17, 2018
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We don't get it. We don't understand. Obviously, there had to be money or some sort of blackmail involved but what drives someone to sell out their country? A former spy for the United States, almost single-handedly destroyed and helped the Chinese dismantle our clandestine intelligence operations in China was arrested Monday.Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a former C.I.A. operative had been under investigation by the FBI since 2012. The United States started losing key intelligence assets in China in 2010. The agency was perplexed, confused and angry. There was seemingly no explanation for why the Chinese had such critical information regarding our intelligence gathering operations in the up and coming world power. Multiple reasons started floating around, from sloppy tradecraft to a successful hacking attempt, or even a traitor within the C.I.A. itself. Noone knew and the C.I.A. was in big trouble.


The investigation eventually lead to Mr. Lee who had retired from the agency in 2007 and moved to Hong Kong. Despite being searched in 2013 the F.B.I. Mr. Lee was allowed to return to Hong Kong, despite having in his possession two notebooks with handwritten notes containing critical classified information.Due to his traitorous actions more than 12 C.I.A. personnel were killed or imprisoned. The information lost by the United States and gained by China was a major setback in the intelligence community rivaling that of Cold War betrayals.Upon learning of Mr. Lee's intent to travel back to the United States (why would you even risk something like that, also, we don't want you here traitor), the F.B.I. worked feverishly to charge him and arrested Mr. Lee at Kennedy Airport in New York.


That's the news part of it..and this, this is our reaction. What in the ever living hell did he think was going to happen? Hopefully, with any luck, he'll get much more severe punishments than Brad/Chelsea Manning and Bowe Bergdahl. Maybe the DOJ will actually do its job.

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