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Boy Suspended After Saving a Life

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 22, 2016
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Boy Suspended After Saving Dying Girl

In more crazy news, a boy was suspended for saving his dying classmate. From USA Today:KILLEEN, Texas — A Texas mother is defending her son who was suspended after helping a fellow student who was having an asthma attack.Anthony Ruelas, 15, said his eighth grade classmate was wheezing and gagging for three minutes Tuesday morning while no one did anything. But when Anthony did do something, he apparently broke the rules.“He may not follow instructions all the time, but he does have a great heart,” said Mandy Cortes, Anthony’s mother.Anthony, who attends Gateway Middle School, an alternative school in the Killeen Independent School District, has been suspended before, but Tuesday was different.When Cortes picked up her son from school for the suspension she wasn't trying to hear his explanation." 'No, they already told me what happened, you walked out of class,' " she said to him. "And he was like, 'OK, forget it.' But I can tell, you know your kids. I could tell he was upset."Anthony had walked out of class because he was carrying a friend to the nurse's office."I was like what? I'm suspended for this? Like, I was trying to help her,” said Anthony.Anthony said the teacher was waiting on an email from the nurse and told the class to remain calm and stay in their seats. Fearing for the girl’s health, Anthony didn’t listen and after several minutes of inaction, went against the teacher’s wishes to help his friend.Anthony’s referral form from his teacher reads in her handwriting:

“During 5th period another student complained that she couldn't breathe and was having an asthma attack. As I waited for a response from the nurse the student fell out of her chair to the floor. Anthony proceeded to go over and pick her up, saying ‘f--- that we ain’t got time to wait for no email from the nurse.’ He walks out of class and carries the other student to the nurse.”

Read the full story from USA Today


How is this acceptable? A boy does the right thing while everyone else stands around, and he is suspended for it? Absolutely ridiculous. We hope the school has enough sense to revoke this suspension and make an apology to Anthony.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="534"]


Anthony Ruelas and his mother, Mandy Cortes[/caption]People should not have to worry about getting in trouble for helping or saving others. While everyone else looked on and did nothing, including the teacher, this young man stood up and did something about it. Good on you, Anthony, good on you.Let us know what you think of this in the comment section or on Facebook![mwi-cat-listing cat="94" ppp="4" cols="4" desc="false" type="view" btn_color="black" ]

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