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Breaking: 3 US Military Trainers Killed

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 4, 2016
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Three American military trainers have been shot to death, after gunfire was exchanged at an air base in Jordan, according to the Jordanian military.In a statement given to the public, "mutual gunfire" resulted in the death of both trainers, as well as an injury to one Jordanian soldier. One American died right away, while two others were taken to a local hospital, where they both died. According to the New York Times.:

Eric Barbee, a spokesman for the American Embassy in Amman, the Jordanian capital, said officials there had received reports about “a security incident involving U.S. personnel” and were seeking more information. “We are in contact with the appropriate Jordanian authorities, who have offered their full support,” he said. “We will report more information when available and appropriate."

“We are working with the Jordanian government to gather additional details about what happened," another American official stated.Jordarian soil has been the site for several training camps for Syrian refugees, and Jordan has been one of the chief harbors for Syrians fleeing the violence in their homeland. They have been one of the most trustworthy allies to the United States in a region full of tumult.The Pentagon will be releasing a statement later on today regarding the incident, according to BBC news. While the motives for shooting are unclear, they may unsettle relations with the United States and Jordan; traditionally, these countries have been close allies in the fight against the Islamic State.Last November, a Jordanian police captain opened fire at a police training center in Amman. Two Americans, one South African, and two Jordanians were killed in the incident.This story is developing.

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