ISIS Capital Captured
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Breaking: ISIS Capital Captured

Veteran News
Veteran News
October 17, 2017
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We don’t know if we’ll be able to troll ISIS on twitter anymore, guys. Doesn’t that make you sad? We know, we’re sad too, but there is good news! The good news is the reason behind us not being able to troll those degenerates anymore is that their main stronghold in Syria has been seized. Raqqa’s strength was a symbol that the terrorist organization was strong. However as the United States has renewed their commitments to fight the terror organization, their fighters have been fleeing en masse and the strongholds, falling like dominos. ISIS is no longer strong.

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The push for Raqqa started in June with backing from U.S. airstrikes. Now after months of brutal fighting, the Syrian Democratic Forces have taken hold of the city. While pockets of ISIS fighters still exist, the major fighting has stopped and the SDF forces control the vast majority of the town. Only sleeper cells and pocket resistance remain inside the former ISIS fortress. The symbolism is strong as the SDF pushed ISIS fighters from Paradise Square. While the name may not be familiar the setting is, as this is where the majority of the cruel executions took place for all the world to see. The infamous black flag has been removed from the square and the city is once again in the hands of its people. While the battles rage on, and the fight is far from finished, this deals a major blow to the propaganda machine that ISIS employs to garner support and gather fighters from across the globe. The fall of Raqqa signifies a major U.S. backed victory in the region, when so many questioned what we were even doing there. Last week the last major stronghold of ISIS in Iraq fell as well. Seems like the proposed caliphate didn’t last much more than 3 years as it’s “large network” and land are being taken back almost as quick as they “conquered” it. What everyone feared as the next great terror threat to the west is being systematically dismantled piece by bitter, evil piece.

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