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Breaking: Maduro's Troops Fire on Civilians

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
February 22, 2019
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Well, exactly what we thought would happen is happening. President Maduro is taking control over all humanitarian aid as his troop's fired on civilians at an aid checkpoint in Venezuela. One person has been killed and several others are injured.The incident happened in Kumarakapay, a Venezuelan town close to the border with Brazil. Venezuela has completely closed its borders with the neighboring country recently.While details are sketchy at this point and more news is expected to come, this is exactly the type of action that can spark the powder keg that has been brewing between several world powers vying for influence in the region. If this situation is not handled with the utmost f***ing care, then we could find ourselves once again engaged in a dangerous proxy war.Russia and Cuba who directly support Maduro versus the United States and the usual allies who support the opposition leader Juan Guaidó are either going finally duke it out or, hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and this situation will deescalate and Maduro will be held accountable for his actions.Either way right now, with the limited details coming out of Venezuela amid the chaos, it's difficult to say that this will be de-escalated. The mobs will want vengeance and rightly so, an all-out shooting war may be in store between pro-Maduro forces and the civilians that were targeted. People who get shot at just for trying to get food and medicine tend to remember and hold grudges...we would if we were them as well. Mark our words, IF and we don't really see it being a big IF, this plays out like we're expecting...expect to see two major players in the world have some really big decisions to make.Like we said though, hopefully, cooler heads prevail. If anything more breaks, we'll write an update.

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