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Breaking: Gunfire at US Embassy in Haiti

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
April 29, 2019
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Big deal or not a big deal that is the question. Nobody really knows at this point, but gunfire has been reported by the State Department coming from the backside of the embassy. Whether or not U.S. Marines on site will get to unleash the beast on anyone, but if or when they do, we hope they are accurate, fast and deadly.Haiti is not exactly what you'd call the most...peaceful and wealthy nation, as we all know. Given the events that unfolded 2 months ago with the corrupt president and the former U.S. military personnel, we suspect that it's only a matter of time before the locals might take their angst over the corrupt president and the Americans trying to smuggle cash money out of the country out on who else other than Americans.As of right now though, the latest update we have is that everyone at the embassy (hopefully not the Marines, we hope they are getting ready to slay in the event that lighting dudes up should become necessary) is being told to shelter in place until whatever is going on all blows over.It wouldn't be so concerning except for the fact that last July, additional Marines arrived in Haiti to help protect the embassy from threats. So now we potentially have a reinforced group of knuckle-dragging body droppers on stand by to create a long line for Hades Magical Underworld Ride.Hopefully, this all blows over and everyone comes out of this safe and secure. We know it's not exactly politically correct to say this, but hopefully, it's just warring militias taking each other on and leaving us out of the fight, however unlikely that may be, we hope that is the case for them because well...Marines are really good at making people be former people.

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