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Breaking: North Korea Fires Missile

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 4, 2019
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Ever the provocateur, North Korea has shot a missile out to sea in another blatant disregard for any ground gained by the supposed peace talks. Once again going back to the saber rattling ways of years past. It should come as no surprise that North Korea has fired this short-range missile, designated a "test" from the town of Wonsan, right after Kim Jong Un met with Vladimir Putin from Russia. When we say test in quotes, we're not saying it's not a test, but...the timing of it just seems a little toooooo convenient.It's almost too predictable, the type of escalatory bullshit these regimes continue to do time and time and time and time again. Shits heading south in Venezuela and Russia wants the United States to divert it's attention away from Venezuela? Let's encourage North Korea to act out like the petulant child it continues to be.While we're certain that the different commands are totally capable of handling their own respective area and we won't be pushed into a poor tactical position just because Kim Jong Un is acting out, like a pet (Russia and China's pet) needing attention, we're also aware that media focus will gravitate towards that and away from Venezuela. If we were betting men and women, which we aren't because we've had really shitty luck in Vegas, look for something extra stupid to happen in Venezuela while the American public looks at North Korea asking the same questions we always do:"Why the f*** did we not finish the job in the Korean War?" Because right now, China and Russia seem to be playing their little despot fiddles perfectly and have us running around like a dog chasing our tails.Something extra stupid may not happen in Venezuela though, something could escalate in North Korea as well leaving our attention focused there while China and Russia continue to prop up Maduro while he slaughters his people.Ahhh, the great and wonderful world of geopolitics and all the bullshit posturing that comes with it. See kids, this is why when you get the chance to finish Commies off, you take it. Because they end up being a pain in the ass for years to come.

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