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Two Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
June 26, 2019
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Two U.S. service members have been killed in Afghanistan and we're going to ask the question, how can we have peace when the enemy is still fighting? Names and details have yet to be released. We've significantly drawn down our forces in Afghanistan, yet it's not enough for the Taliban who still refuse to acknowledge the Afghan government as legitimate.We know the pulse of the community. Everyone wants out of these forever wars. We get it truly we do. We want out too. BUT...we're not about losing dudes while we seek peace and withdrawal. The suggestion that we're about to make goes counter to everything that we hope and strive for.Re-escalate. Ramp up the aggression in Afghanistan, hunt the Taliban down and continue to hunt them and kill them and break their shit, while we conduct peace talks. Seriously. We may see the recent years as an opportune time to seek peace. The Taliban obviously sees it as an opportune time to get in as many sucker punches and diminish the credibility of both the United States and the future Afghan government as much as it can.You want warfighters to stop getting killed? Then start killing the bad guys again.Do we WANT to do this? No. We want to do that peace thing. For many of us, our entire adult life has been embroiled in war. September 11th happened while we were in high school, we joined up KNOWING there was a war. And when many people ask why we joined, many dudes, if they're being honest, will admit: "I did it to kill bad guys and break their shit."At least they're being honest right, but somewhere...somewhere we figured that a draw, a tie, a push...was just as good as a win. Well, brother, we're here to say that it isn't because when we play this timid placating role, we're putting people in danger.In this life there are times when we must do what we really don't want to do. In this case, if you want to stop seeing advisors and trainers and support elements killed, send the gunfighters back, take the leash off and let them hunt. Stop being as timid as a virgin on prom night. Shit is played out and people's lives aren't worth it. If they're going to die at least let them die fighting instead of giving them some false sense of safety with these "peace talks".Fuck the Taliban and the horse they rode in on too. Kill them and break all their shit. End of story.

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