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Buh-Bye, Turkey!

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Active Military
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July 18, 2019
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And the F-35 is gone for Turkey. Why? Well, when you have an organization like NATO, whose whole purpose is to quell Soviet/Russian influence buying up Russian armaments that could learn the weaknesses of the brand spanking new aircraft, it kind of defeats the purpose. Doesn't it?It's one thing to talk about the fact that the S-400 system could be used to find any potential shortcomings in the aircraft. For sure. That's a big no no. And before everyone says some dumb shit like "WeLl OuR aIrCrAfT sHoUlDn'T hAvE aNy ShOrTcOmInGs," snap your ass back to reality, every weapon system has a shortcoming, but for our top-secret multirole fighters/attack aircraft, we usually keep those shortcomings a secret so an adversary can't exploit it. Weiiiiird right? That's about all she wrote on why the F-35 is getting yoinked out of Turkey's hands.But again, while that's the reason we're citing for getting out of the's another way that Turkey is being stupid dumb. It is known that the United States has exerted some operational control of weapons we've sold to other countries. For lack of a better term, we've had "kill switches" on several pieces of equipment that we've sold to allies so that our weapons couldn't be used against us. It's a pretty normal thing.Who wants to bet that Russia didn't install some kill switches on their S-400 system so Turkey couldn't use the S-400 against them? Any takers? Like, if you developed a state of the art air defense system and you were selling it to the allies of your greatest enemy...wouldn't you build in a failsafe? If the United States and the rest of NATO (Turkey included) had to fight against Russia, it sure would be a shitty time if one of our biggest geographically strategic partners suddenly couldn't defend their airspace because Russia shut down Turkey's S-400 system. Or hacked it...right?Could anyone else see how that's a problem?Turkey can GEAD.

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