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Red Flag Laws and Saving Lives

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Community Support
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September 9, 2019
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No, they won't buckaroo. In fact, what they'll probably do is start off a whole big shoot em up or mass exodus of police who understand unconstitutional gun confiscation is not in their mandate. Either way, Red Flag laws are a dangerous proposal that will most certainly NOT, read that again for us, NOT, they will NOT save lives, they will NOT save lives. In fact, they will risk the lives of innocent people across the country. Many people on all sides of the nation are in favor of these new restrictions, citing safety as their number one concern. What they don't realize is how it will truly affect them.We've always found it ironic that our "governing" bodies want to institute more regulations in the land of the free. See a funny thing happens when you create more laws and regulations. You create more criminals, almost overnight. With the stroke of a pen, citizens can become felonious ner do' wells who are now a threat to the state, just because the powers that be deemed it necessary for "safety". Tell us, have you ever been fond of being formally accused of and threatened for being something you're not? Would you, our faithful readers, who are no doubt responsible gun owners (I won't say law-abiding because I hope all of your "illegal" parts and accessories, were "lost" in an "unfortunate" boating accident)?We know full well what the founding fathers would probably say regarding all this garbage.

"If a law is unjust, break it you must." - All of the founding fathers, probably"If you want to take our guns, send bachelors and come heavily armed." - All of the founding fathers, probably

Look, straight up, with the adoption of Red Flag laws, and other "pre-crime" policies, we're basically setting ourselves up as a nation to have these laws and policies violently rejected, which in turn will cause people to say that gun owners are a dangerous and violent breed, which will prompt more gun grabbing nonsense, which in turn will get even more violent.Are we really sure this is the road we want to go down, where you have a bunch of dudes telling the government to send bachelors and come heavily armed? Is that your idea of safety where neighbors and family members act as narcs?Don't get us wrong, we'd like insane asshats to stop committing acts of mass violence, but somehow removing people's ability to fight back effectively against said asshole, just doesn't make us feel all that safe.But then again, who is actually using their brain? Lol nobody.

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