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Can't Find Good Help These Days

Veteran News
Veteran News
January 9, 2019
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You know, it's difficult to get the job done right nowadays. It seems you just can't find good help, no matter where you turn to. What a sign of the times we're living in when a man convicted of murder can't even get killed in a reasonable time frame. Let's be real here, how hard is it to kill a guy? We were doin' that shit on the cheap for the Marine Corps like 10 years ago.Scott Raymond Dozier who killed at least two associates in the high risk-high reward (puns intended) drug trafficking industry was upset that his execution had been delayed. Scott was not a fan of prison, stating that he'd rather be dead than in prison. Given that he was going to be in prison for the rest of his life due to his conviction in 2007 of the brutal murders of his associates, he had a choice to make.The state of Nevada, in Dozier's mind apparently were taking their sweet ass time in making him dead as he sat on death row awaiting the final moments. Like we said, if you want something done right, then do it yourself. Scott hung himself (because he's a self starter...or rather in this case stopper) in order to just get it over with instead of constantly having a back and forth with the state as to when he was going to die.Look, we're not even mad. It's not even shocking that the government is so inept that it can't kill a guy on death row. And Scott probably got to say

"Hey if I'm gonna go, it's gonna be at a time of my choosing, by my hand!"

As for Scott, well...I mean c'mon folks it's not like he's on death row for handing out candy bars and being the best "Big Brother" and volunteering at the local YMCA every weekend. He was a drug dealer, and he killed other drug dealers and as much as we try to have respect for all human life...meh. We're obviously not too broken up about it all, but it does go to show that you just can't find good help these days, even on death row.

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