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Celebrity Accidentally Speaks the Truth

Veteran News
Veteran News
November 16, 2018
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Pink's husband, Carey Hart a retired motocross racer made it pretty clear that it'd be a horrible idea to go looting in his neighborhood. In fact, you could end up with more holes than your maker originally gave you and not the cool kind either, the kind where they make you die. See kids, that's why you shouldn't f***ing rob or loot people. The same shit happened in Houston during Harvey and it didn't end well for the looters.The wildfires in California have ravaged the state and displaced hundreds if not thousands of people. Supplies are running low, people are hungry and need shelter. As much emergency relief and volunteers that are pouring into the state with emergency supplies and the like, there are still those who feel that looting homes is the right course of action to ensure their survival or even cash in on the opportunity that mother nature has so destructively provided.Given the proximity of the fires to extremely wealthy homes in Malibu, some looters might look for an opportunity to change their fortunes by acquiring that which does not belong to them while the owner of the home is absent or at least they think the homeowners are absent. The residents, of Pink's neighborhood, along with her husband fashioned a sign stating that the looters would be dealt with in an extremely lethal manner. You know the kind in which high-velocity projectiles enter the body with extreme prejudice.Someone once told us that a man has the right to defend his life and his property from those who would see him robbed of both. Carey Hart and his neighbors seem to agree with us in that realm and we're quite happy to be supportive of him and his neighbors as they use weapons to preserve their lives and their property.

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