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China and Taiwan Relations: Tensions on the Rise

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Active Military
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Veteran News
November 7, 2019
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Not much has been happening recently regarding the China and Hong Kong thing, and by not much, what we really mean is more of the same, the protests are continuing as they have been with no real change in either sides positions. There was a knife attack on a pro-Beijing politician that many people are suspecting is staged, due to the lack of blood, how fast everyone reacted, and how the camera guy was poised to get the best angle...but that's not what we're going to talk about today...well...sorta not.See for a long time, we've thought pretty strongly that whatever the PLA does in Hong Kong is a big dress rehearsal for what China plans on doing to Taiwan. Having ethnic Chinese people have a totally different country outside the control of the Communist regime, does not sit right with the Commies. It is the most egregious slap in the face to their authority, in their eyes, not ours. We don't give a fuck who pisses off the Chinese government.But Taiwan should.Taiwan should because China has made no secret that they intend to bring Taiwan into the Commie fold, by any means necessary, including force. It was especially clear that they meant to do this when they outright said that, and then again this week when they said they'd fully respect Taiwan's way of life, once they have been peacefully reunified.Peacefully reunified...what if they put up a fight? Will China not respect their way of life if they fight back? Also, we're seeing how it's going for the folks that were promised the "One country, two systems" right now huh?Hey Hong Kong, is Beijing respecting your way of life, even though you peacefully became part of their country back in 1997?They're not? What?!Gasp! Shock! Utter disbelief!You mean the Commies are a bunch of liars and autocrats. Say it isn't so Batman, SAY IT ISN'T SO!We guess our whole point here is this, instead of selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, we should sell a fuckload more to Taiwan and...of course as always, run guns to Hong Kong.

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