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China Accelerates Construction of Nuclear Aircraft Carriers

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
February 11, 2019
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China is looking to get them all by 2035...Obviously one cannot simply shit out an aircraft carrier with a nuclear fuel source overnight. If that was possible, the United States would have many more. But nonetheless, China is looking to build four nuclear class aircraft carriers fitted with advanced technology...they will have all four supposedly by is the good news. These four will supposedly be nukes, unlike the Liaoning pictured above which is still diesel poweredRight now their navy is severely outgunned. And truth be told, as it seems via all the press that the area is getting, the situation in the South China Sea is going to come to a head very soon and some mofos are gonna get dropped.We're not entirely sure who is going to fire the first shot, whether it be Taiwan, China, or the United States, either way though, it will certainly be a gigantic clusterfluck for everyone involved. Because while we have the naval supremacy, the Chinese people have the heart and resolve to see a fight to the finish, whereas we change end states like people change genders.In addition, we also spoke earlier about how despite the new technological breakthroughs that China has had for its military, they aren't well versed in training with the new tech. Their tactics and execution with this new tech still leave them at least a decade behind the United States, at least that's what the intelligence reports are saying about them.Now we're not so foolhardy here as to underestimate our enemy, especially one that seems very intent on taking Taiwan back, by any means necessary. The ground-based missile systems they employ are halfway decent and could do some damage over the horizon. We keep hearing conflicting reports on their efficacy, but let's err on the side of they could possibly mess up a few of our ships...however, our F-35's are supposedly targeting and taking out targets with their electronic warfare and targeting systems like nobody ever imagined...again, that's what we're hearing.Nobody really knows how this will go down, all anybody really knows is that when it goes down, it's going to get really shitty for a lot of people very quickly.

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