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China Accused of Stealing Military Tech... Again?

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
May 3, 2019
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Color us shocked (sarcasm) that China of all nations (again sarcasm) has been stealing military secrets! Holy rusted metal Batman, who could have ever thought (again the sarcasm) that a country who has been bullying its way through Asia and the South China Sea could ever (are you catching the drift about all the sarcasm here?) steal military secrets for its own gain? Gasp!According to several news outlets, something we've known since we were literally teenagers, since before we first got a funny feeling down under and could do anything about it, this is breaking news that China has been stealing secrets for military's not like between 1983 and 1995 (here is a link) the Chinese stole a bunch of nuclear shit from Los Alamos National Laboratory...oh wait they did...and now...just now is when everyone seems to be worried about it? And we wonder why our credibility among nations is shot to shit.It's also not like you know...three spies working on behalf of the Chinese government have been caught in the last few years...and for shitty pay too.We're sitting here wondering why the Chinese military has been able to make such leaps and bounds in military technology and yet we can't connect the dots over the last 36 years that China has some ill intent to use our own technology against us? We can't figure out that one of the two countries who is diametrically opposed to our ideals as a constitutional republic with our individual rights guaranteed, want to see us taken down a peg or two?Common sense would say yes. We've known for years. But then again common sense would also dictate that if we've known for years...maybe we'd have done something proactive about it instead of acting shocked when the news comes to light.This obviously isn't breaking news to our faithful readers, or anyone that has any sort of long term memory from the last 20-30 years...not really sure how the big outlets are treating this as if it were big news unless they're just completely inept.

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