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China's Attempts to Block U.S. Military for Supporting Hong Kong

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December 2, 2019
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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Congress passed legislation that supports Hong Kong in its pro-democracy battle. Why? Because the United States supports Hong Kong and the people in it who want freedom, bacon and all the glory that goes with it, too. Hong Kong took to the streets and flew American flags, sang our national anthem and then some. One big pro-freedom party!Well, it looks like Xi didn't like that one bit. (I mean, who would to be honest, right?) You're the president of a country that's supposed to be 'dictating' this other country and instead, they're over there singing the "Star Spangled Banner" and asking to be free from you. So, in an effort to "retaliate" against both Hong Kong and the US, he decided that the US military should be blocked from entering their ports.The Republic of China proceeded to say "China urges the U.S. to correct its mistake and stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs or interfering in China's other internal affairs by any word and act," said the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying. Correct its mistake and stop meddling? Hello, have you met the US? Also, why, after all the things these people have done- can't Hong Kong be free?Maybe China needs to stop meddling in the affairs of the free people of Hong Kong! Perhaps giving punitive actions, firing upon and repressing a nation of people is something we frown upon these days. Bullies don't make friends, China.Things are continuing to get worse and worse and we are keeping a very close eye on what is going on. We would like to know, however, is when will enough be enough? When do we need to advocate a little stronger on behalf of a people that are continually persecuted against?Or should we just sit back and watch these people continue to be repressed until they no longer exist? Also, are we really going to allow China to 'block' us?

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